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Say goodbye to traditional finance and join our movement! Eco seeks to replace traditional checking accounts and credit cards with a better alternative: Smart Money. With Eco’s innovative infrastructure for payments, consumers can connect directly with merchants (like Amazon) to avoid expensive middlemen. And that’s just the beginning.

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Getting started with Eco is simple, we walk you through every step of the process. And if you have questions, we have an extensive list of FAQs to help you make the most of your Smart Money.

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One Vision that Unites Us

Together, we can accomplish the revolutionary vision of Eco: shifting the balance of power away from monopolies and centralized financial institutions towards the sovereignty of individuals.

What is the Eco Academy?

The Eco Academy is the essential resource for information on Eco, featuring interactive guides, tools, and detailed information about the ecosystem. Come join us in the quest to reshape the future of finance!


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Our step-by-step video guides walk you through everything you need to know about Eco. From setting up the app to participating in the community.

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It’s tough to keep up with the rapid pace of Eco. No worries though, we got you covered. We regularly post about the latest developments in the Eco-system.

Accessing Smart Money

Eco Is Something Completely New

It is an App Offering You…

2.5% Interest5% CashbackEco points

5% Cashback

Eco is not a crypto cashback program. It is neither a checking account nor a credit card either. Instead, it seeks to replace these three with a novel approach that cuts out unnecessary middlemen and forwards profits to its users.


Meet the Eco App

Eco introduces Smart Money – one balance that allows you to spend, send and save money while earning interest and receiving a cashback for purchases.

  • 2.5% on your balance (and up to 5% when you refer friends)

  • 5% cashback for purchases at your favorite merchants
  • Eco Points for saving, renting, spending and sending

Community Resources

Everything you need to excel with Eco. From the basics of mastering the art of “Ecoing” to advanced calculators to optimize a profit – we offer you an abundance of quality-resources to help you succeed.

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