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Letting your money work for you – with Eco

If you’re curious about finding out how much interest and how many Eco Points you can earn when using the Eco App, have a look at the Interest Calculator we created. All you need to do is to insert your data and the calculator will do the rest for you.

In the following, you can learn more about how interest and other rewards are calculated in the app. This may be especially interesting for all those who want to gain insights on the reward structure within the app.

Calculating your return

Let’s jump right into it. Users of the Eco App receive interest dependent on their deposit and their referrals. Users also receive a cashback for purchases they make through the app. Every purchase is being rewarded with 2.5 points for every dollar spent. Lastly, users get 20 Eco Points for every dollar they earn in APY per month.

Calculating interest earned

You can earn 2.5% on the money you have deposited in the Eco App. When you refer friends, you can earn up to 5% in interest.

Without referrals:

Yearly interest in $

Your deposit in Dollar

2.5% (without referrals)

With referrals:

Yearly interest in $

Your deposit in Dollar

up to 5% (with referrals)

Calculating the cashback

Every time you spend at your favorite merchants, you receive 5% back.


$ spend through the app


Calculating Eco Points

There are two ways to earn Eco Points through the Eco App:

For every dollar spent through Eco, you receive 2.5 Eco Points

Eco Bonus Points I

$ spend through the app

2.5 Points

For every dollar you earn in APY per month, you receive 20 Eco Points

Eco Bonus Points II

$ earned in APY

20 Points