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Eco Discord Points provide different functionalities within the Ecoverse. They are used to reward outstanding contributions, organize collaboration between community members. In the following, you can find an overview of everything you need to know about Eco Discord Points.

Eco Discord Points are for research purposes only. They have no monetary value and they are not being used as a digital currency or work token. Points aren’t powered by the blockchain either. They’re just that: Points.

Eco Discord Points

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Eco Discord Points in General

What are points and how are they used?

What are Eco Points?
Function of the points
Earning Eco Points

Using Eco Discord Points

Sending/receiving points and more

Sending Eco Points
Checking Eco Points
Playing the lottery


See how you rank in the community

Or: Type !points

Eco Discord Points FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Eco Points

Can I buy/sell Eco Points?
How can I display Eco Points in my profile?
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