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What are Prefects?

The Prefects of the official Eco Discord Community act as custodians of the community and are direct intermediaries between the Eco Team and the Eco Community. As such, Prefects answer questions from members of the community, onboard new members, moderate discussions, and help in fairly distributing Eco Discord Points to reward genuine efforts from community members. To make sure that points are distributed in a transparent and fair manner by all Prefects, we have established the following rules for allocating points.

Prefects Rewards Guideline

To learn more about the weekly point allocation Prefects receive for distribution among the community, have a look at Prefect Point Allocation Transparency. In order to fairly distribute points among community members and to avoid over-/under-compensation of efforts, Prefects have created a guideline to follow when distributing points.

  • 1-5 Points: Reward for small contributions, such as spotting an error, reporting spam, and good morning messages

  • 6-25 Points: Reward for noteworthy contributions, such as creative artwork, community suggestions, lengthy posts, etc.

  • 26-100 Points: Reward for work-intense contributions, such as hosting Eco approved bounties, articles, videos, etc.

  • 101-500 Points: (Only after all Prefects agree) – Reward for planning, organizing, and executing larger projects with a higher workload

  • 501+ Points: (Only from the Eco team or after the team’s approval) – Rewards for outstanding efforts with intense workload and high benefit to the community

Prefects are only allowed to distribute 100+ or more after consulting with the other Prefects and the Eco team. Only the Eco team is allowed to distribute more than 500 points, Prefects need the explicit approval of the team to distribute more than 500 points.

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