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What are Prefects?

The Prefects of the official Eco Discord Community act as custodians of the community and are direct intermediaries between the Eco Team and the Eco Community. As such, Prefects answer questions from members of the community, onboard new members, moderate discussions, and help in fairly distributing Eco Discord Points to reward genuine efforts from community members. To make sure that points are distributed in a transparent and fair manner by all Prefects, we have established the following guidelines to help highlight some of the ways community members can earn points and how these efforts are typically measured.

Weekly Prefect Point Allocations

Each week, Prefects receive Eco Discord Points from the Eco team. Let’s have a look at how Prefects are allowed to use these points and what purpose these distributions serve.

Prefect Community Allocation

At the beginning of each week, Prefects report to the Eco team about the work done and the tasks/campaigns planned for the upcoming week. Along with this report, each Prefect can request a certain amount of points to distribute among community members. Prefects can then use these points to reward community initiatives and contributions by community members. Under no circumstances are Prefects allowed to use these points for their own personal gain or any purpose other than incentivizing or rewarding community members for their efforts in the Eco community.

Prefects also receive Eco Discord Points for their community work:

Prefect Rewards

Each week, active Prefects are granted Eco points for their community work and for organizing behind the scenes with other Prefects and the Eco team. As of now, the Prefect reward is set to 200 points per week. Prefects are free to use these points in any way they wish to do so.

Prefect Points Tracking

To provide a higher level of transparency, some Prefects track their weekly community point allocations publicly. In the following is a list to the public documents:

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