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The Eco Academy’s governance contributor Kibbyz created this guide on safely navigating the Eco-system.


As the Eco Discord continues to grow, we’re facing the challenge of malicious individuals whose intention is to scam members of the community. There have been reports of scammers impersonating members of the Eco Discord, trying to
to acquire Eco Points and other information.

This guide is an attempt to increase awareness of how you can best protect yourself and keep others safe in the Eco Discord. Keep these tips in mind the next time you interact with others who may be asking for sensitive information.

If you ever come across someone who partakes in malicious activity, be sure to relay that information onto the Eco Team. There is no place in the Eco Community for those who are responsible for scam activity.

1) Check the user’s Discord Name and # Number

Discord allows you to use the same name as another user, but the # number will be different for each account. For example, the two accounts below have the same name, but the # number is different. The first is #1856 and the second is #0809.

Be sure to check that the # number is the same number as the appropriate user in the Eco Discord. That being said, the # number can be changed if you have Discord Nitro which means that it is possible to have a # number that is very similar to another user.

List of current Eco Team Discord Names and # Numbers:

  • Andy | Eco#0001
  • Henry | Eco#9415

  • Dave | Eco#2900

  • Bryce | Eco#0263

  • Ryne | Eco#2172

  • Nishi | Eco#6526

  • Hailey | Eco#4416

  • Cydni | Eco#4398
  • Andrew | Eco#6067

  • Fran | Eco#7940

List of current Prefect Discord Names and # Numbers:

  • AkaKwak🦆#8686
  • Jeremie#7539
  • passenger#5420
  • salova#8363
  • Saulo#1681

List of current Overseas Envoy Discord Names and # Numbers:

  • billionaireW#0241
  • cRekto#2423
  • DetoxJuice#7642
  • Mercurius Caduceus#2870
  • Redallica#2485
  • Sergio [Nodes.Guru]#9134
  • Stefan | Space Traveler#3020

2) Check the user’s Unique Discord ID

People may want to change their Discord name in the future, which can make tracking their name and # number difficult. Therefore, the BEST way to check a Discord account is by using their Unique Discord ID.

The Discord ID will never change (even if you change your name or # number) and is permanently tied to your Discord account.

In order to check a Discord ID, you will need to turn on “Developer Mode” under “Advanced” in the Discord Settings.

List of current Eco Team Discord IDs:

Andy | Eco#0001 768554690480701472
Henry | Eco#9415 313479401419309063
Dave | Eco#2900 344148051973373952
Hen | Eco#7456 804530443188961300
Bryce | Eco#0263 818215417956925460
Ryne | Eco#2172 803734659153526845
Nishi | Eco#6526 811695467469078529
Carolyn | Eco#6526 811695149657751604
Hailey | Eco#4416 829032736349356122
Cydni | Eco#4398
Andrew | Eco#6067 811750308035952660
Fran | Eco#7940 402354340167155713

List of current Prefect Discord IDs:

AkaKwak🦆#8686 347809649073979402
Jeremie#7539 209855484637741066
passenger#5420 200356389061656586
salova#8363 401139250281840640
Saulo#1681 403183888798711809

List of current Overseas Envoy Discord IDs:

billionaireW#0241 742355665292624003
cRekto#2423 760124072843018260
DetoxJuice#7642 361850248328642560
Mercurius Caduceus#2870 802517325747453972
Redallica#2485 449693997695500288
Sergio [Nodes.Guru]#9134 375719428232577024
Stefan | Space Traveler#3020 761834826533568542

3) Check the roles and color of the user

In the Eco Discord, take a look at the “roles” and color of the member that you are talking to. Be sure that you are talking to the real person and not an impersonator.

This tip is not as relevant as the previous tips as server roles are only displayed WITHIN the Eco Discord Server.

Therefore, if someone direct messages you, you will not be able to see the color or server roles in your direct messages.

When dealing in your direct messages, always ensure that the name, # number and Discord ID are correct. This is to ensure that you protect yourself from any possible scams.

4) Disable DM’s from non-friends

Sometimes you may receive direct messages from people offering new crypto links, server invites, or other messages relating to scams about you winning free money.

These messages can be annoying and may also contain malicious links. As an added layer of security, you are able to disable DM’s from non-friends. However, this can also stop other members from directly messaging you without them adding you as a friend. To disable DM’s from no friends, head to the discord settings, under “Privacy & Safety” and disable “Allow direct messages from server members”.


These are just a few tips to keep yourself safe on Discord. Always be careful with giving out sensitive information and double check that you are talking to the correct person.

Be careful with direct messages and do not click any suspicious links or links that seem “too good to be true”.

Most importantly, enjoy the Eco Discord and interacting with the community. We’re all in it together and by working together we can make the mission beyond the moon a successful one!