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Why Participate in Governance?

Eco stands for a fair, equal, and just financial future. By means of decentralizing the project, Eco puts power into the hands of the community. This helps to ensure stability and progress in the Ecosystem. However, governance fundamentally depends on the participation of community members.

Participate in Eco’s governance today to make your voice heard.

Governance is a system designed to enable participants of a cryptocurrency project to manage and implement changes. In such a system, community members can propose changes which are then voted on in the community.

Making Your Voice Heard

If you want to participate in Eco’s governance, then the best place to get started is the #governance channel in Eco’s official Discord server.


The Eco community regularly organizes governance meetings during which proposals for community improvements are being discussed. If you want to participate in such a meeting, you can have a look at the governance section within the Eco Community on Notion. Over there, you can find a schedule of the next meetings and their discussion points.


Governance areas

There are many ways for you to contribute to Eco’s governance. Usually, members will make suggestions for topics they wish to discuss in the next meeting.

Community improvements

Do you have a suggestion on improving the community? Or something you’d absolutely love to see implemented in the Ecoverse? By participating in Eco’s governance, you can play an active role in stirring Eco in the right direction.

Fraud prevention

People simply love Eco Points. So much so that they sometimes try to cheat the system. Help us in establishing mechanisms to prevent abuse.


A part of the governance process also serves to protect the interests of Eco’s community and investors. In doing so, we can collectively hold all players within the ecosystem accountable and incentivize them to act in the best interest of the project.

Future development

Setting goals and discussing the direction Eco and its community is going to take.