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The traditional financial system is outdated and inherently broken. It is structured in a way that offers no win-win solution for participants. Instead, financial institutions are incentivized to profit at your expense in order to survive. While banks are earning interest on your money, they charge you hefty fees for participating in the financial system. It is a system that is not sustainable, places the vast majority at a disadvantage, and introduces great entry barriers for the unbanked.

Today, traditional finance faces numerous challenges:

  • The monetary policy of central banks has led to decreasing interest rates. As a result, banks need to gain access to other income streams to reach profitability, such as debit card interchange and subscription fees or monetizing services that were free in the past

  • Instead of being inclusive and allowing everyone to participate, the fee structures of TradFi create entry barriers to the unbanked

  • The ultra-wealthy are taking a considerable piece of the pie while leaving everyone else struggling

  • Regulatory invention to protect the average investor has led to accredited style systems that only the wealthy can take part in

Eco presents an alternative to a flawed system. We help customers (like you and me) connect directly with merchants (like Amazon) with a new infrastructure for payments, build on Ethereum. With Eco, we can reinvent the financial system by excluding costly middlemen and their unnecessary services.

What Eco is Not:

Eco is not another Fintech trying to operate within the existing financial system. Instead, Eco is building a new system with the first consumer fintech product whose creators are truly aligned with its users. Only by operating outside the present system, Eco can introduce something radically different.

Average Fintech

Most modern “fintechs” provide just shiny interfaces to hide a crumbling foundation

Not a Bank

Eco is free and you can earn 2.5% on your balance (up to 5% for referrals)

Not a Credit Card

Credit cards charge you, Eco gives you a cashback of 5% for your favorite merchants

No Rewards App

Eco has no financial incentives to sell user data as cashback programs do

Meet Eco

Financial Empowerment

Eco seeks to shift the balance of power away from monopolies and centralized financial institutions towards the sovereignty of individuals. By introducing a radically different way of doing finance, Eco alignes the interests of all involved parties so that all benefit. Instead of creating a system that incentivizes profit-seeking at another’s expense, Eco provides the infrastructure for mutual benefits.

Eco App

The Tool for Financial Liberty

The Eco App introduces Smart Money: one account for everything. From spending, saving to sending and making money – Eco empowers you to be in full control of your finances and earn cashback and interest unrivaled by any other financial institution. When you pay with Eco, you earn 5% cashback at the places you spend the most, and up to 5% on your balance for the money you deposit on Eco. In times where Banks are doing their best to squeez the last penny out of you, Eco passes on freely the economic return you create with your own money.

If you want to beat the system, you have to think outside the system

Eco makes your daily financial activity easy — and profitable.


Meet the Eco App

Eco introduces Smart Money – one balance that allows you to spend, send and save money while earning interest and receiving a cashback for purchases.

  • 2.5% on your balance (and up to 5% when you refer friends)

  • 5% cashback for purchases at your favorite merchants
  • Eco Points for saving, renting, spending and sending