Will Eco be decentralized?

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Eco team: If you look at the background of the whole team, there’s a lot of crypto in there. I think it is safe to say that we will be doing some very interesting things on that side. During all of that, a lot of interesting things will happen and we’ll be sharing more soon on all of that. One thing I will say is if you ask specifically about the ability for holders of ECO to vote on project issues. When we look at Discord with the Eco Points, we can see a lot of voting happen. We got these content voting channels. We got all sorts of stuff for people who are voting. And so I think listening to the community’s voice in a voting sense is a really powerful idea. I think we’re already seeing that like the community fund that a couple of community members started to reward, kind of underappreciated works of art or memes that are voted on. We’re already seeing that evolve organically.