How do I play the Eco lottery?

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Lotteries run for 1 week. There are 250 tickets available, each of which costs 10. The winner gets all the Points!

To participate, go into the #šŸŽ°lotteries channel and send the Bot some Points: !send @LotteryBot#5490 10 Points. And then (as many times as you want, make sure the Bot has 10 Points for each ticket you want to buy): /lottery and then select Buy and enter the name of the lottery (check the pinned posts to find an active lottery).

Entry fees for the lottery range from 5 Points (“Cheap Lottery”) up to 200 Points (“Expensive Lottery”).

P.S. Feel free to check out the code of the Lottery Bot, if you want. Verifiable randomness and setting duration is guaranteed via the Ethereum blockchain!