How can the community help Eco succeed?

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Eco team: There’s a ton of stuff community members can do. That’s what I think the Discord server is really all about. What can we do to advance this cause making it so that we all win together? Whether it’s building tools for the community itself, whether it’s evangelizing people outside of the community, whether it’s helping to build a social presence.

While growing this community we can do more and more interesting things, with the points we can start running more interesting experiments. We can utilize the wisdom of the crowd. And I can help with ideas. I am less smart than the 13,000 of you combined. I turned to you and say, what can we do? And how can ECO team assist you in helping make this happen, we’re all ears. We want to do what would keep an established competitor from mirroring what ECO is setting out to do what the community thinks is best. You tell us what we should do to grow this.

We’re keeping some things close to the best and share them piece by piece, blowing minds one step at a time. We won’t share everything yet. ECO has a lot of very interesting economic ideas. Replicating some of these economic ideas is very challenging. Part of why we’re not sharing everything yet is that we want to develop some things before we share them with the world.