How can I earn Eco Points?

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Eco Points are for research purposes only. Here’s how you can earn points:

  • Community Participation: be an active member of the community, help other members if they have a question, welcome them to the community -> just be helpful, kind, and good-spirited
  • Bounty Challenges: Eco hosts a variety of different bounties. Have a look at #🏅content-bounties and #🏆other-bounties. By participating in these bounties and by providing quality submissions, you can quickly earn Eco Points
  • Eco App: Users of the Eco app are rewarded for their usage. Right now, the app is available for iPhone users in some states in the US. Points in the app are currently not associated with points in Discord
  • Initiatives: Just start an initiative on your own or with other members. If it provides value to the ecosystem, you will most definitely be rewarded
  • Helping out others: if you’re active here, you will notice members offering rewards if you help them with something
  • Special opportunities: Read the pinned messages for special opportunities