How can Eco reach mass adoption?

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Eco team: We’ve got a lot of the traditional plans, we’ve got lots of announcements planned with media. All sorts of advertising stuff, social presence, actually think that the biggest thing, most successful thing that we will do to spark mass adoption, is to just drive it through the community whether that’s a community on the APP or the community in this discord. Finance is a really big topic. Having someone move over a portion of their money to a new product is a big ask to make. It’s hard to get someone to do that. And I think the best way to make that happen is for people to hear about it from other people they trust. The biggest thing that we’ll do I think to spark a massive option is to get more and more people involved with ECO. And make us all evangelists, and have us get it out to our friends. Everyone tells ten friends, and each of those ten friends tells ten more. Get it to the whole world.