How will Eco unite classic finance and crypto?

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Eco team: I spent the last 3 years at Coinlist helping projects run compliant token sales and spent just a ton of time at the intersection of fintech and crypto regulation. You have to follow the rules. We’re not interested in circumventing the rules. We’re not interested in avoiding problems and we’re also very interested in building in public. We’ll be very open about what we’re doing, and have discussions appropriate with anyone we need to.

Regulation is friction, but it is a necessary one, and it is something that ultimately helps to build trust, and it makes projects succeed. I see regulation from any agency as a fact of something we need to deal with. Will there be challenges? Certainly. We will face them and do things the right way. That’s the way we do it. Will we be able to eventually deposit crypto on ECO and use that instead of fiat? It is not on our immediate road map, and I’ll tell you why, the biggest core audience for the ECO APP right now is actually not crypto people. But if we’re trying to build, as we say, on our website, a single place for saving, spending, sending, and making money we need to have everything there. So I would certainly like to add that feature over time. It’s not on the short term on the road map, but something that we’d like, we want you to have your whole financial life on ECO. And for a lot of us, crypto is part of our financial life. So, let’s try to enable that.