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Do you have a question about Eco? Or did you encounter a particular problem? It’s quite likely that someone else asked the same question before. Have a look at our extensive FAQ, perhaps your question is already answered. If not, feel free to get in touch with us and suggest a new question.



Find out more about Eco

Eco & its vision

What Eco seeks to accomplish

What is Eco?
What’s Eco’s vision?
How did the idea for Eco come about?
Did the idea behind Eco change?
What’s Eco’s roadmap?
What’s Eco’s competitive advantage?
How will Eco unite finance and crypto?
How can Eco reach mass adoption?

More questions about Eco

Everything else relating to Eco

Can I invest in Eco?
Will Eco be decentralized?
What is the profit model of Eco?
Eco is not FDIC insured, right?
Will Eco be available in my country?
Does Eco plan an IPO?
How does Eco compete with big banks?


Learn more about Eco Points

Understanding Eco Points

Questions about Eco Points in General

What are Eco Points?
What function do Eco Points serve?
How can I earn Eco Points?
How many Eco Points do I have?
What’s my position on the leaderboard?

Using Eco Points

Sending and receiving Eco Points

How do I send Eco Points?
Can I buy/sell Eco Points?
How can I display Eco Points in my profile?
How do I play the Eco lottery?
Are you planning to sell points?

Eco App

Questions about the Eco App

The Eco App in general

All you need to know about the app

When is the Android App available?
Will Eco offer a debit card?
Can I withdraw cash from the Eco App?
Will ECO send out 1099 forms?
Will there be an in-app messenger?

Using the Eco App

Everything about navigating the app

Can I invest through the Eco App?
Are payroll deposits possible?
How can I get the Eco app?
Is my Eco account covered by the FDIC?
Are there any fees for using Eco?


Community-related questions

Eco Community

Everything relating to Eco’s Community

What’s the vision for the ECO community?
What’s the importance of the community?
How can the community help Eco succeed?
Does ECO have a telegram channel?

Contributing and participating

Becoming active in the community

How do I join Eco’s Discord server?
How can I participate?