Earn Eco Discord Points While Learning about Eco

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Introduction to Eco

Getting started with Eco

Eco is building a new financial system whose creators are aligned with its users. Learn what Eco is and how it works.

Understanding Smart Money

Tool for financial liberty

Eco introduces smart money: one simple balance for everything. Eco empowers you to be in full control of your finances.

Master the Eco App

Financial liberty one swap away

Getting started with Eco is simple, we walk you through every step of the process to help you make the most of your Smart Money.

Learn more about Eco Points

Rewarding users and the community

Learn more about Eco Discord Points and Eco App Points and what functionality they provide within the Ecoverse.

Eco Learn

Even more (non-incentivized) tutorial videos about Eco

More about Layer 2

Layering up in the Eco community

Learn more about Layer 2 and what functionality this role provides within the Ecoverse.