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Come join us as a contributor

The Eco Academy is a community-driven initiative that was built by members of the Eco community. The academy is a strategic initiative that seeks to help members of the community to accelerate their knowledge about Eco. These are the goals we have in mind with establishing the Eco Academy:

  • Provide a seamless onboarding experience for new community members

  • Help new members to quickly familiarize themselves with Eco
  • Provide helpful tools such as calculators and app prototypes to the community
  • Accelerate the community’s knowledge of Eco
  • Reduce support inquiries sent to the Eco team considerably
  • Becoming an outlet for documentation about the Eco-system
  • Building a platform for community members that want to contribute to a universal knowledge base about Eco

Everyone is welcome to contribute

The Eco Academy is all about collaborating. If you like to contribute to our joint endeavor of building a universal knowledge base for Eco, you’re more than welcome to do so. There are many different ways to contribute.

How you can contribute:

If you have a passion for helping others understand complex subjects and if you would love to spread the word about Eco, you’d be a great fit as a collaborator to the Eco Academy.

Writing Guides

Detailed guides to help other community members

Video Tutorials

Create explanation videos about Eco

Build tools

Create tools that are helpful to the community


Document events and actors in the ecosystem

Contributor Roles

There’s just the right role for you and your skill-set. And for everyone in-between, will surely find a suitable role as well.

  • GuideMaster – those who excel at writing detailed guides for the community
  • VideoWizard – those who are masters at creating explanation videos and animations
  • EcosystemEcoton – those who write documentation about the entire ecosystem

  • OnboardingEcotron – those who go up and beyond to help others get started
  • GovernanceEcolyte – those who participate in governance
  • IdeaChampion – those who submit brilliant ideas

Contributor Incentivization

The Eco Academy incentivizes contributors for their valuable efforts. To learn more, have a look at our incentive system.