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Overview of the user roles

In case you do not fully understand the purpose behind each user role in the Ecoverse, we’ve got you covered. In the following, you can find detailed descriptions of each user’s role in the ecosystem.

Eco’s Community Heroes


Eco Server Admins.


This role denotes Eco Team members.


Community members who are assigned this role have agreed to be responsible for acting as custodians of the Discord Server and fulfilling the following duties:

  1. Answering questions from new members of the community and helping them find the answers they are seeking by directing them to the appropriate resources.
  2. Moderating discussions and ensuring everyone abides by the #πŸ“œcommunity-guidelines .
  3. Helping Eco fairly distribute :points: across the community in order to ensure that (to the extent possible) all genuine efforts and contributions to the community are fairly rewarded.


The @Herald role is granted to select members of the Eco-mmunity who are constantly active, welcoming to new members and helpful in answering questions as they come up.


This role denotes community members who formed the basis of the Eco community prior to the launch of Discord. They represent the very earliest of early adopters.

Infrastructure Engineer

This role applies to bot engineers/community members who help build and maintain the tools that are used in the Eco Discord server every day.

Overseas Envoy

The Overseas Envoy role applies to community members who function in a semi-moderator or leadership role with regard to specific communities based outside of the US.

Layer 3

This role is currently assigned manually by Eco to community members who have a direct personal or professional relationship with the Eco project. This includes investors, members of partner projects or colleagues in the crypto of fintech space.

Layer 2

This role is manually assigned by the Eco team to community members who have an established reputation within the Eco community. This role grants access to select channels / challenges and bounties that allow trusted community members to interact and collaborate with each other.

Layer 1

This role is assigned by clicking the Eco logo below the message in the #start-here channel and grants community members access to the majority of content in the Eco Discord.

Layer 0

This is the role assigned to all new members as they enter the Eco Discord Server. Layer 0 only has access to the #start-here channel.

App User

This role is assigned to community members who are currently using the Eco App.


This role is assigned to any member of the community who has supported the Eco Discord server by donating a β€˜Server Boost.’

Waiting Room

New community members who are eligible to use the Eco App but who have not yet been onboarded are assigned the β€˜Waiting Room’ role and have limited access to the Eco Discord server.


The Eco community owns a multi signature Gnosis safe that custody community funds and supports community efforts. The Multisig-Signer role denotes community members who are signatories to this safe.

Poker Champion

Members who have won an Eco community poker tournament.

Poker Player

This role allows community members to access and play in Eco community poker tournaments. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements about upcoming events and then DM Dave | Eco#2900 to get in the game!

Miscellaneous Roles

Here is an overview of even more roles that are used in the server:

  • Assistant – given out to Eco’s bots that fulfill important functions in the Discord server
  • Fizzle – specific role given to Rob Fizzle, the co-host of Trust but Verify
  • Ecollaborator – external collaborators of the Eco community from other communities such as Klima
  • Close friends – close acquaintances of the Eco team
  • DAO master – given to those who have mastered the fundamentals of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)
  • DAOist – member that actively participates in the planning and coordinating of the governance process of Eco
  • The Cantor – a bot that is exclusively reserved for L2 members and above
  • DJ – for members who provide the community with music and host DJ events
  • TbV – for the hosts of Trust but Verify, an Eco-themed radio show
  • Coach – for fitness coaches that help to keep the community fit
  • Memelord – given how to the masters of memetic artistry
  • Era 0 – for all members who were part of the community before November 24 at 10:22am UTC
  • Timekeeper – members that provide the community with daily facts and “Did you know…?” infos
  • Ticket Master – for members that distribute lottery tickets
  • Fortune Teller – astronomy specialists in the community
  • Activity Manager – members that are involved with creating new activities for the community
  • Ecomate – for community members that hold both Eco Points and $Klima
  • Quest Master – members who provide the committee with exciting quests
  • Artist – gifted artists within the community
  • Documentarian – members who document important events within the community and the Ecosystem
  • Wellness Coach – for community members coaching others in the area of wellness and health


This role allows community members to vote on challenges/bounties and governance issues. It can be requested to be assigned by sending a DM to Dave | Eco#2900.


This role allows a user to control the RythmBot in the #music-controller channel and can be assigned/removed by an admin for specific events.

0-5000+ Points

These roles broken down into smaller brackets are assigned based on the point balance of each user.

List of active BOTS

These are the active bots in the official discord server:

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