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Learning how to sign transactions

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Co-signer onboarding

The Eco community uses a multisig wallet to handle donations and community contributions. To learn more about multisig wallets and the way community funds are handled in the Eco community, have a look here. In the following, we will show you how co-signers of the community’s multisig wallet sign transactions.

Responsibilities of a co-signer
Transactions in the community’s multisig wallet are only executed when at least 9 co-signers sign a specific transaction. A signer’s responsibility lies in verifying the accuracy of a proposed transaction and in signing transactions.

First and foremost, co-signers have to prepare their wallets. We will walk you through this process in the following.

#1 – Preparing your wallet for xDai via Chainlist

Let’s set up your Metamask so that you can sign transactions on the xDai chain.

  • Open MetaMask and sign in
  • Visit and search for xDai:

  • Click on Connect Wallet, select the MetaMask account of your choice (if you have multiple ones), click on next and then on connect:
  • Once connected, click on add to MetaMask and switch to the xDai network:

#2 – (Optional) Connecting to your hardware wallet

Ledger and Trezor users can find detailed instructions on how to use MetaMask with their hardware wallet here: How to connect a Trezor or Ledger Hardware Wallet

#3 – Connecting to

The xDai community safe can be found on If your wallet has been added as an owner, you will be able to connect your wallet to the Gnosis Safe of the Eco community and sign transactions. To connect your wallet, simply click on connect wallet.

#4 – Signing transactions with your wallet

Once the community has decided on a course of action, an administrator of the Gnosis Safe will create a new transaction that co-signers need to sign. You will receive a notification of this. When you have received a notification, verify the accuracy of the transaction and sign it.


How to verify the accuracy of the transaction?

Before signing a transaction, it is important that you verify its accuracy. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Connect your wallet with the Gnosis Safe and switch to the Transactions tab.
  • Verify that the amount of xDai/ETH that is being sent is correct and that the receiver address is correct as well.