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One Unified Vision

Together, we can build a new financial system that is inclusive, fair, and highly efficient. If we all assemble under one unified vision, we can make Eco a reality. But in order to succeed as a collaborative effort, we need to hold ourselves to the highest possible standards.

When you join Eco’s vibrant community, you join a collective of like-minded individuals from all over the world. To help you in getting started and to maintain the community’s integrity, we have created these guidelines below to keep Eco fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Code of Conduct

Be Collaborative

In the Ecoverse, we all win together

Eco is all about collaborating and winning together. Eco Points have not been created to foster competition among community members. Instead, being a member of this community is all about pushing ourselves to the limit so that we can all succeed together. This is what Eco is all about: collaboration and mutual success. No one is left behind and outstanding efforts will always be rewarded.

Be a Contributor

Use your talents

The Eco community consists of thousands of creative, innovative, thoughtful, and hard-working members with unique skills and talents. What is beautiful is that everyone can contribute their own share towards making Eco a success. If we are successful in pooling all our talents and coordinating our efforts efficiently, we can accomplish great things together.

Don’t Be a Cheater

Quality will always be rewarded

Cheating never pays out. The Eco team is actively monitoring suspicious behavior and takes action in case of malicious practices. You can earn far more points by being honorable, honest, and generally helpful than by cheating. Plus, you get to keep all your points instead of losing them all.

Add value

Have an impact on the community

Many new community members wonder how they can get as many points as quickly as possible. But this isn’t the right question. Instead, ask yourself what you can contribute to Eco and how you can add value to the project and its community. If you add value and stand out for quality contributions, points will automatically follow.

Be positive

Have an optimistic outlook

This world is made for people who are excited about new challenges and those who seek to bring about change to outdated ways of doing things. Eco is full of opportunities for all those willing to look closely. Every problem you identify in the Ecoverse is a new opportunity to put your skills to work.

Lift others up

We rise by lifting others

The Eco community is cleverly designed in such a way that those who encourage others and lift them up benefit the most. There’s no need for cheating or putting others down. In fact, these things can be quite counterproductive. Collaboration and mutual success are the key ingredients that make this community so powerful. Even more so, Eco’s purpose is to help us all win together.

Be welcoming

Show patience, kindness and courteousness

As the vibrant Eco community is growing, many new members join us in our quest to make impactful changes in the financial system. Some of the newcomers may have no experience with crypto and may not know anything about Eco. Be patient with them and welcome them into the community. Show them what makes our community so special and how we embrace new users that join us.

Be considerate

Understand how your decisions affect others

The Eco community consists of several thousand members. For this reason, it is important to understand that your work will have an impact on other people just as much as their work has an impact on you. Take the consequences of your actions into account when you make a decision. Don’t forget that Eco is a global phenomenon and that some users may not be communicating in their primary language.

Be direct

Honest but professional

Have the courage to speak up when you disagree and when you see areas of improvement. We, as a community, cannot afford to avoid hard truths. Confronting the reality may be difficult but it is important to grow Eco. When you voice your opinion, be sure that you are honest and direct while being respectful.

Be inquisitive

Have the courage to ask questions

Only when we ask questions, we can learn. As members of the Eco community, we fully understand that nobody can know everything. This is why we encourage members to ask questions and why we take the time to explain the answers. Everyone should feel welcome to ask questions, no matter if these questions have already been answered in the past or if these are some really tough questions.

Be concise

Express your thoughts as efficiently as possible

The goal should be to help people understand your ideas as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you need a longer explanation, consider adding a summary to it. Try to add new ideas to a discussion without repeating arguments that others have already made.

Community Rules

These all the rules we adhere to:

  • No advertisement / spam / promotion
    In an effort to keep discussions in the Eco community focused and unbiased, promotion and/or self-advertisement is not allowed. This includes ICO’s, referral links, and promotions.

  • Stay focused on Eco
    Avoid initiating discussions that are not directly associated with Eco. Focus discussions on Eco.
  • No hate speech, insults, bad-mouthing, and name-calling
    Please keep the discourse civil

  • No illicit activities and manipulation
    Please keep the discourse civil. Brigading, shedding, pumping, or fudding is not allowed.

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