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1. Make sure your Wallet is set up for the xDai network.

To set up the wallet see here (this example is for the MetaMask wallet): MetaMask set up.

Other descriptions of wallets can be found here: Wallets.

2. Swap your coins to DAI

To swap your tokens you can use swap exchanges like honeyswap or Cowswap. Connect your wallet and swap away. Please be aware that there are many more swap exchanges, you can also buy DAI on your crypto exchanges of course.

A multisig wallet functions similarly but it also introduces more flexibility than a traditional deposit box. Similar to a deposit box, the funds stored on a multisig address can only be accessed when its owners agree on signing a transaction. This means that co-owners of such an address are not able to individually decide how the wallet’s funds are handled. In contrast to a secure deposit box, the creators of the multisig wallet can decide how many co-owners will be required to sign a transaction. This could mean that there are five co-owners of a wallet and transactions are executed once at least three co-owners have signed a transaction.

3. Bridge your DAI to the xDai network

To bridge your DAI tokens to the xDai network you can go to Here you connect your wallet as well and can send your funds to the same wallet or another wallet if you have the DAI on another wallet as the xDai should be.

That’s basically it. does offer a lot of helpful tips regarding xDai – you can have a look around it as well