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Growing Discord to 100k Members

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A Major Milestone

On April 30th, 2021, the official discord community of Eco reached a total of 20,000 members. User bitdamii was the first one to notice that the milestone was reached.

One Unified Vision

Together, we can reach for the stars and accomplish the revolutionary vision of Eco: shifting the balance of power away from monopolies and centralized financial institutions towards the sovereignty of individuals.

If we all assemble under one unified vision, we can make Eco a reality. As a unified community, we can start a grassroots movement that will ultimately be able to provide a sound alternative to legacy financial institutions.

Nothing can stand in our way if we unite behind Eco.


Traditional Banking vs. Your Mind on Eco

A BIG Thank You

To Every Community Member


Without YOU

… none of this would have been possible.

Next Stop:

100,000 ECONATICS on Discord!

Let’s challenge ourselves to reach this massive milestone. Together, we can grow this community beyond anything we would have imagined possible. The glory will be ours once we have reached the destination.

100,000 ECO Members?