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The Eco Academy is a community-driven knowledge base for educational content in the Eco community. We are a group of community members that are enthusiastic about Eco, its potential, and its vision to disrupt traditional financial institutions.

Here is what we seek to accomplish with the academy:

  • Provide a seamless onboarding experience for new community members
  • Accelerate the community’s knowledge of Eco
  • Introducing new members to the Eco App
  • Reducing support inquiries for the Eco team
  • Creating an outlet for community members that wish to participate in writing documentation and creating guides for the community

As an extension of the official Eco website, The Eco Academy helps to onboard new app users, investors, and community participants starting from scratch. The platform is intended to provide resources for all interested in replacing their checking account and credit card with the Eco app. In doing so, the Eco Academy helps to further reduce the entry barrier to using Eco.

Meet the Eco Academy:

The vision behind The Eco Academy is to build the infrastructure that helps to accelerate the growth of the community around Eco. We seek to accomplish this vision by creating a vast knowledge base that allows community members to learn the intricacies of Eco and to actively participate in this process.


See how many points you have earned and how you rank in the leaderboard


Find out how much you can earn with the Eco App for deposits and transactions


Participate in the governance of Eco and have a say in the direction it takes


Step-by-step tutorials and extensive FAQs to help you accelerate

Come Join Us!

Start Contributing

The Eco Academy is a community-driven initiative. If you want to participate, you are more than welcome to do so. There are many different areas that you can work on. We coordinate our collaboration via Notion, come join us there to get started.